Hinda President Mike Donnelly Named on ‘25 Most Influential People of 2017’ by Incentive Mag

We’re thrilled to announce that Hinda’s president, Mike Donnelly, has been named one of the 25 Most Influential People in the Incentive Industry by Incentive Magazine. It’s a great honor to be recognized on this list, and we’re very proud of the work Mike has done within our company — and the rewards and recognition industry at large.

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Hinda Celebrates Therese Brisard’s 40th Anniversary

Today marks a very special event here at Hinda. Our longtime employee, Therese Brisard, celebrates her 40th anniversary with the company. According to Hinda’s founder, Ben Arkes, Therese was Hinda’s third employee when she joined the company.

In honor of Therese’s loyalty and dedication to Hinda, the staff enjoyed a delicious lunch earlier this week catered from Uncle Joe’s as well as a beautifully decorated cake from Pastel. If you’ve been keeping up with us on Facebook, you know that we do quite a bit of eating at Hinda, and everyone welcomed the afternoon lunch break.

After lunch, the staff gathered around the cake and listened while Ben and Michael reminisced about Therese’s early days at Hinda. Ben remarked that it’s been a “beautiful time” having Therese on staff, and Michael commented on her agile ability to adapt to the ever-changing world of technology.

“Forty years ago, Therese used a typewriter to create multiple copies of an invoice,” Michael said. “As our business grew and the company’s needs changed, Therese adapted and fulfilled new roles. She was the sole computer operator for our first two IBM systems. She later mastered three additional computer systems. Most people do not adapt well when change occurs, but Therese accepted change and always learned the new skills necessary to continue to be a valuable Hinda employee.”

Everyone clapped and cheered when Ben presented Therese with her 40th anniversary plaque. It was very obvious that Therese has been a beloved member of Hinda’s staff for all these years, and this is truly a milestone to be celebrated among the Hinda family.

“In my time at Hinda, I have enjoyed watching the company grow and I am proud to have been able to contribute to its success,” Therese said. “It has been a wonderful ride over the years and I look forward to working with you for many more!”

Check out our Facebook page for pictures from the party!

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Employee Spotlight: Kevin Joyce

Personable. Dedicated. Passionate.

As the HR Administrator and an Administrative Assistant, Kevin Joyce has been able to learn many different functions of the business and contribute his skills to multiple departments at Hinda. Responsible for almost all of the HR functions at Hinda, he handles payroll, benefits and the 401(k) administration. Additionally, he is also the Administrative Assistant to our Vice President of Sales and our Chief Financial Officer.

Joyce joined Hinda as an Administrative Assistant immediately after graduating college from Eastern Illinois University in 2006. During college, he worked seasonally as a Cash Room Assistant, as well as a Merchandising Assistant at Coca-Cola.

Shortly after starting at Hinda, he began working under the HR Manager as an HR Assistant. In August 2008, he took over HR in its entirety. Now, as he approaches five years of service, he says he appreciates the people and interactions the most.

"I love being able to build relationships here," says Joyce. "I like the family atmosphere that we have here at Hinda. It's a great feeling to be able to know everyone in the organization."

Outside of work, you can find him playing baseball, golfing or cheering on his beloved Chicago White Sox.


This has been part of our Employee Spotlight series, which aims to put a face to our business. We hope to give you a glimpse of our operations as you learn more about our employees.

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Employee Spotlight: Rick Bowen

Trustworthy and loyal, with a sense of humor, Rick Bowen, Assistant Merchandise Manager, has spent the past 32 years working, learning and evolving with Hinda.

His journey started in Indianapolis, where he was hired on as the warehouse manager. Hinda opened an operation in Indianapolis in 1979 to branch out the premium business. However, this was the start of the video revolution and after his first year, Bowen became the buyer for all electronics. The facility in Indianapolis was closed four years later, as it was too close in proximity to Chicago. At the time, our current CEO, Michael Arkes, was responsible for all of the purchasing in Chicago. After the Indianapolis office closed, Bowen was transferred to Chicago to continue as a buyer.

Now, as the Assistant Merchandise Manager, one of Bowen’s main responsibilities is merchandising Hinda's award assortment with some of the top electronics lines. With 32 years of knowledge and experience, he also supervises our team of buyers to ensure they’re progressing and developing.

“Michael Arkes gave me an opportunity 32 years ago to start a new career," says Bowen. "During that time, Hinda has given me every opportunity to succeed professionally.”

Outside of work, Bowen enjoys fly fishing and spending time with his family.


This has been part of our Employee Spotlight series, which aims to put a face to our business. We hope to give you a glimpse of our operations as you learn more about our employees.

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