Corporate Social Responsibility & Why It Matters

Our CEO, Michael Arkes, recently wrote a guest post for Premium Incentive Products Magazine. In addition to being our CEO, Arkes is also the founder of Helping Hand Rewards, which serves as a catalyst between incentive companies and social purpose businesses that produce merchandise.

The article discusses the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) - on both macro and micro levels. CSR contributes to corporate success by enhancing corporate reputation, building brand loyalty, increasing sales, attracting investors, improving recruitment and retention, and increasing employee engagement. Below is an exerpt from the article.

"There is growing recognition that businesses bear a responsibility for what happens in this new world. Beyond turning a profit and producing quality goods and services, they are expected to consider the impact of their actions not only on their shareholders, but also on their customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

Practiced by businesses of all sizes in just about every industry, corporate social responsibility takes a wide variety of forms. It can include green and sustainable business practices, philanthropy, business-relevant volunteerism, cause marketing and community activism. It also can be reflected in a company's basic corporate culture—including diversity and inclusion policies, compensation and benefits packages, and work-life balance initiatives—and in its procurement practices and supplier relationships."

Read the full article here. Do you think corporate social responsibility is an important business practice? How so? And, in what ways can companies become more socially responsible? Drop a comment and let's discuss.


Helping Hand Rewards helps connect social enterprises that produce merchandise and businesses who are looking to enhance their rewards and recognition programs while improving their role in corporate social responsibility. HHR products can add new meaning to your incentive programs and are good for business. From gourmet brownies to spa gift sets, utilizing products that were manufactured by a social purpose business creates added value for the sponsoring company and the recipient, while giving back to the community. Contact them for more information.