An Industry First: Purchasing Facebook Ads with Rewards Points

I ran across an article on Colloquy's website the other day that immediately captured my attention. It announced that American Express Cardmembers were now able to purchase Facebook Ads with Membership Rewards points. This is an industry first. Never before has a program allowed rewards points to be used for advertising purposes.

An excellent idea for small business owners, the new partnership allows Cardmembers to pay for Facebook Ads with Membership Rewards points in an effort to build their business through the rapidly growing area of social advertising.

"The Membership Rewards program is a unique and core asset for American Express that is becoming even more relevant for our Cardmembers in the social media space," says Ed Gilligan, Vice Chairman at American Express.

This is a perfect example of how incentives have expanded in recent years. Whether you're vying for employee or customer loyalty, the message is the same: Those with an influence on your business are motivated through incentives and rewards.

Here at Hinda, we've seen the ways in which incentives have grown and improved over the years. Digital awards are rising, as well as experimental rewards. What are some other innovative ways you can use rewards points? Leave a comment and let us know.