ViewSonic Brings 3D Recording Home: Merch Monday

We've spoken a bit about 3D technology coming into the home via 3D televisions. ViewSonic is making 3D entertainment even more practical.

ViewSonic's new 3DV5 HD camcorder puts the user in control of being able to create their own 3D enterainment. The device is capable of shooting 2D only stills and videos but it's the 3D component that really makes this stand out.

Want to preview what your videos will look like instantly? No 3D glasses needed! The 3DV5's 2.4-inch LCD screen allows the user to preview their photos and/or footage in 3D without the need for glasses. Should you want to view your media creations on a computer, red and cyan glasses come with the camera for larger screen viewings.

Should you want to share these videos online, ViewSonic makes it easy. The 3DV5 is integrated with ArcSoft Wizard. All it takes is one button for your video creations to go live on your YouTube channel or Facebook page. Of course, the full 3D effect will require glasses for your viewers.

What other ways are gadgets making 3D more practical?