The New iPod Family: Merch Monday

Apple is at it again. They've taken the time to update not just one iPod but made changes to most of their iPod family in some form or another. 

The new iPod touch received what was probably the most intriguing new feature, though it wasn't a cosmetic addition. Remember how the new iPhone 4 had this clever little front-facing camera with an application called "FaceTime" attached to it? You guessed it, the new iPod Touch now boasts that same feature (accessible only through a Wi-Fi service of course). 

The most dramatic changes were probably seen by the newest version of the Nano. The last time we featured a Nano update, the new device featured a video camera but still kept it's same basic aesthetic look. However this new version has seem almost an entire overhaul. The Nano has not only been significantly reduced in size (now a 1.54 inch display) but has an added touch screen feature. Even though there is that additional feature, it lacks it's once awesome video camera. 

Could the Nano realistically get any smaller? Especially with a touchscreen? What are your thoughts on the new Apple updates?