You Don't Need Permission To Say "Good Job"

Implementing an incentive program in your company to help improve employee engagement around the office? Awesome! Laying the groundwork for engagement begins before your program officially starts. Fostering a culture of recognition doesn't soley rely on your pending incentive program.
Effective employee recognition relies heavily on one-on-one interaction. In this post discussing how to get started with employee recognition, one of the key points of interest include that you don't need permission to recognize someone. Even if the planned out incentive/recognition program hasn't officially been "launched" yet doesn't mean you have to wait until that day to give someone a pat on the back for a job well done. 
Giving someone verbal praise doesn't necessarily require a corporate stamp of approval. Recognizing the little things and day-to-day victories go a long way to boosting morale in the office. Not only is this a short term morale booster but will do well in regards to laying solid groundwork for the upcoming incentive program, helping that program to be even more successful.
Do you need permission to say good job? How do you recognize a fellow employee for their good work?