Vacuums With Flare

Dirt Devil is kicking things up a notch with vacuums that do more than just suck (literally...not metaphorically). 
The vacuum company is releasing a new hand held steamer which features a new Jet Tip extension to remove stuck-on messes and has the ability to better reach tight areas.  In addition, these new line of steamers include an array of attachments that are more than just floor cleaning utensils. Some of these attachments include wire brushes for grills, squeegee attachment for glass cleaning and a microfiber wand.
It's definitely a cool new product in the world of vacuums but here's where things get interesting. What about a vacuum with a tattoo?
Not even kidding. Dirt Devil is introducing a new Tattoo series that have tattoo-like designs imprinted on them. These are the only ones in Dirt Devil's entire line that will not sport their classic red appearance. The three themes include Purple Ivy, Bronze Butterflies and Black Ivy. Each of these new 10-amp cannister vacs come with a dusting brush and a crevice tool.
You thought you had enough problems with your kids showing up with their cleaning devices do too!