Use Social Media to Tell Employees How Awesome They Are!

The idea of using social media as an employee recognition tool isn't an old one at all. However, since a lot of companies restrict social media access from company computers, I had pretty much placed the idea on the backburner in lieu of other things. Then I ran across this retweet from @incentintel:

RT @SteveBoese: Lesson - let people build their reputation from using social tools, ratings, small rewards, peer recognition - #tcbtalent

This brought back the idea to me. Most companies restrict access to most social media sites. So that takes the idea out of starting off a program using things like Facebook and Twitter groups for workplace recognition. However, I realized that our place, along with several other offices that I know of, still allow LinkedIn access. So what's an easy way for recognition?


This isn't a mind blowing or revolutionary idea by any stretch of the imagination. However, it's a simple form of recognition that many of us overlook. What a better way to publicly give someone a pat on the back for a job well done than a simple LinkedIn recommendation. Don't just tell the person good job, let the whole world (or at least the whole LinkedIn community) know that your employee rocks!

Just something to think about. How else are people using social media for recognition?