Free Employee Engagement Tool

You don't have the budget to set up an incentives program for your company employees, however you are wanting to do everything you can to improve overall employee engagement and productivity. What do you do?

Initially, you should plan for the future. You may not be able to afford to run a program now. However, the tides will turn, your budgets will gain more cushion and you will be able to afford a program. Wouldn't it be nice to have a plan in place when that day actually comes? When that day comes, things will look brighter not only for you but for your employees, so planning on how you will retain those valued human assets will be crucial.

Unfortunately, that day is not today. So what do you do to improve things in the meantime?

Employee engagement doesn't just lie in cash or merchandise reward systems. Some of the things that drive productivity efficiently don't cost a cent. Some suggestions include:

-Giving verbal recognition or praise

-Solid LinkedIn recommendation after a job well done

-Genuinely listening to your employees and becoming a more transparent leader

-Clearly stating company goals and how employees factor in to achieving them

These are the types of things that only take a few moments out of your day. They are practices that create a great working culture within the office. Fostering an atmosphere of goodwill and appreciation among your employees makes them enjoy what they do more, improving productivity and developing better employee retention in the long run. If your employees don't have the perception that you genuinely appreciate their good work done day in and day out, no merchandise rewards program - no matter how well executed or big it is - will improve your bottom line.

What are some other ways to generate a culture of goodwill at work?