Merchandise Mondays

For our faithful blog readers out there (and some new ones that could be out there as well) we are wanting to start a new tradition here on the Hinda blog: Merchandise Mondays.

Running successful incentive programs is what we do - it's our business. New strategies and insights into what motivates your employees and improves workplace productivity is a huge interest of ours. Part of that drive to motivation is merchandise. Noncash incentives and rewards, with their high perceived trophy values, help influence behavior and results in very cost effective ways. Check out our post on the Trophy Value Continuum for more on that.

We've discussed merchandise before on this blog but now Mondays will now provide a regular staple into some new corporate gifts that will be popular among your workforce as incentive devices.

Come hang out with us on the first day of your work week for Merchandise Mondays! Tell your friends.