An Employee Engagement Lesson Courtesy of Peyton Manning

By Matthew Stockman, Getty ImagesHow do you turn your employees into MVPs? Effective communication.

A recent article in USA Today talks about the relationship between four time NFL MVP Peyton Manning and Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore. The two have worked together for the past 12 years and the article contributes one major factor to their success: communication. Moore and Manning have a really tight relationship and Manning almost knows the play call before Moore makes the call.

Another interesting factor is the amount of trust Manning feels from Moore. Moore will suggest a play call but will ultimately leave the decision in Manning's hands. Manning describes their dialogue like this:

"He tells me, 'Hey, if you see something out there, you call it. You change it, and I have your back,' " Manning says. "That puts a lot of confidence in you. Some coaches tell you, 'Hey, you can change the play, but it better work.' That is a threat.

This instilled confidence in Peyton Manning from his "boss" has helped him achieve great things and the opportunity to play for another Super Bowl ring. Reminding employees that you trust their decisions leaves more room for innovation in companies. This ultimately improves engagement and is a general morale booster. Communication is also key for designed proper reward and recognition programs. How do you expect to learn what motivates your workforce if you can't even actively communicate?

How are you engaging your workforce?