Recreation Incentives: Like Wellness Incentives for People Who Don't Like Wellness Incentives

Wellness incentives have been a slightly hot-button issue for a lot of people as of late. I would rather not get into the debate on who is right and who is wrong and why. However, I would like to take another look at wellness incentives through another type of incentive: recreation incentives.

One of the points of even taking time to regard wellness as an incentive is the physical well being of your employees. Why does it matter to have a healthy workforce? Simple- healthier employees cost less to maintain since they (typically) spend less on health care. Giving employees incentives to lead healthier lifestyles would ultimately be a cost-reducer for health care spending. However, while contemplating the potential politics behind wellness incentives, recreation incentives could be a roundabout way to achieve similar results.

Think about it. Instead of rewarding employees for practicing healthy habits, give them the tools to practice them. Whether it's a new mountain bike for your top performer or a kayaking trip for a job well done, these type of rewards encourage a more active lifestyle. A more active employee typically translates into a healthier one, making for a win win situation for both parties.

Properly designed wellness incentives programs would do wonders for helping create a healthier workforce. However, if you are still on the fence, recreation and promoting an active lifestyle could just be the next best thing.