Your Monthly Check-Up: Spice up Your Summer!

Things really start heating up this time of year – the sun, the air, your grill – and Memorial Day this past weekend signals the official kickoff of summer. The calendar might say summer starts June 21, but why wait? Those hotdogs and hamburgers aren’t going to eat themselves!

Speaking of heat, did you know that adding certain spices to your favorite foods can provide important health benefits, like preventing strokes, battling diabetes and staving off cancer? Throwing in a sprinkle or a pinch of turmeric, cinnamon, coriander, cayenne pepper, ginger or cumin can do wonders for your health without much effort – great news for when it’s too hot to put much effort into anything!

We mentioned earlier this month that May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and studies show that turmeric can be as effective as Prozac for treating depression. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory, along with ginger, and a cancer fighter, like cinnamon.

Along with cinnamon, coriander and cumin can both help lower cholesterol – coriander also helps battle type 2 diabetes and contains an anti-bacterial compound while cumin contains antimicrobial properties and boosts the immune system with its vitamin C content.

Cumin and cinnamon both also regulate blood sugar and cinnamon amps up brain power and prevents strokes while cumin encourages a good night’s sleep. Cayenne pepper improves circulation and revs metabolism, which can assist in weight loss. Besides being an anti-inflammatory, ginger eases nausea and helps treat arthritis, headaches and some heart conditions.

You get the idea – not only do these spices add flavor and depth to your favorite dishes, they offer an arsenal of health benefits. So spice up your food, fire up the grill and get ready to enjoy the warm summer months while they last!

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Merchandise Monday: Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We at Hinda love a good celebration, and what better way to kick off the impending warmer months than with a Cinco de Mayo party! Spicy food, refreshing beverages and fun music are all you need to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style, and Hinda has all of this and more to create a party to remember! Plus, it’s a great way to kick off the work week and bond with family, friends, coworkers – whomever!

Anchor Hocking 14-Piece Beer Party Set

This set has everything you need to serve your favorite cold beverages and snacks, including a large serving bowl, six Lucite®-like coasters, six pilsner glasses and a 55-ounce pitcher. The glassware set has a traditional look that can be used year-round and is dishwasher safe. Bottoms up!


HMDX® Jam Classic™ Bluetooth® Speaker

Big sound in a small size! With its 30’ range, you can jam wherever you like and party for up to four hours without the hassle of cords. The Jam Classic works with virtually every smartphone, tablet, music player and PC and features an integrated speakerphone for hands-free talking. Rock on!


Nambé Butterfly Chip & Dip

This serving tray is made of acacia wood – a dense, durable hardwood that features finely patterned grains of varying shades and glows with warmth. Acacia wood will not absorb stains or odors and the metal bowl’s thermal retention keeps dips cold or hot for hours. Just chill or heat in the oven and serve.


Nostalgia Electrics® 8-Inch Electric Quesadilla Maker™

Delight in quickly creating crispy, delicious quesadillas using a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables - even peanut butter and nutella® for sweet varieties. The unique plate design creates easy-to-cut sections that seal in flavor and the non-stick coating makes cooking easy and clean-up a snap!


Nostalgia Electrics® Margarator™ Margarita Machine

Mix up great-tasting frosty beverages in no time with this easy-to-use margarita machine. Just fill the unit with ice, add your ingredients, then secure the safety lid and flip the switch. In a matter of minutes, the unit produces 128-ounces of delicious, refreshing margaritas, daiquiris or slushies!

What are your Cinco de Mayo plans?

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