How to Establish a Culture of Employee Engagement

There are plenty of self-appointed employee engagement experts promoting their own ideas about how to build a culture of engagement. But few offering advice on this important subject have ever had to try to engage employees while managing the P&L for a growing firm and ultimately being responsible for providing those employees a secure place to work. 

Forbes Magazine contributor, Mike Kappel is the founder and CEO of Patriot Software based in Canton, Ohio. A company he established in 1986. He is responsible for the well-being of nearly 400 employees across five businesses generating millions in recurring revenue. We recently came across an article he wrote for Forbes called How to Establish a Culture of Employee Engagement and thought his practical advice for inspiring employees would be valuable to practically any business leader.

In it, Mr. Kappel offers five simple steps to create a culture of engagement that are brilliant in their simplicity.

  1. Don’t Skin Onboarding and Training
  2. Set Company Goals
  3. Acknowledge Employees
  4. Focus on Employee Development
  5. Don’t Micromanage

In the article, Mr. Kappel offers straightforward advice from a successful leader who has been engaging people for over 30 years. 

Click here to see the whole article. It’s a quick read and well worth your time if you need to engage and inspire employees. Learn more about Mr. Mike Kappel

How to Establish a Culture of Employee Engagement was originally in, January 4, 2018

Contributor Mike Kappel.

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