New Research Reveals the Importance of Rewarding Experiences

When you receive a reward for going above and beyond at work or from a company who wants to recognize you as a valued customer, it should feel special. The reward should make you feel appreciated and honored for your valuable contributions or loyalty, and reinforce the emotional bond you have with those sending it to you.

At Hinda, we’ve always believed a reward delivery experience done right will strengthen the relationship between the program sponsor and recipient while bolstering the company’s brand. Recently, we put our belief to the test in a series of focus groups designed to see how reward recipients react to different kinds of packaging. We expected an enhanced reward delivery experience would make a difference to recipients, but even we were stunned to learn the enormous impact of small, relatively inexpensive enhancements.

  • A white box stood out to recipients as something special making them feel appreciated more than a standard brown box. As one participant said, “This (the white box) is different than my normal Amazon purchase deliveries. Amazon isn’t a reward”.
  • Thank you goes a long way. Just sealing the box with tape imprinted with “Thank You” had participants telling us:
    • “This company really appreciates me.” 
    • "They value me as a customer.”
    • “The thank you tape shows they are making an extra effort to tell me my   contributions matter.”

According to Hinda Director of Fulfillment, Benito Bustamante, “Every reward delivered to your home should be a celebration. It’s not just a box with something in it. It’s a way to communicate the importance and value of the person receiving it. We want to make every delivery a celebration in a box.”

Our research punctuated Benito’s sentiment finding participants felt even more valued when their item was wrapped in tissue paper. Small things like this not only make the delivery a celebration, but demonstrate the human touch people feel recognizes them as special. 

Be on the lookout for more info about our research when we release it next month!

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