Cloning Top Performers

Sales & Marketing Management magazine recently published an article by our own Theresa Thomas, Vice President of Strategic Solutions. In it, Theresa discusses how companies can get the most from their top performer programs. Many organizations operate programs to reward their best people for their stellar accomplishments. Often those programs are operated year after year with many of the same people earning over and over again

Female Cloning IMage - Woman in Buisness Suit.jpg

While these peak performer programs certainly help retain top performers, any salesperson below the top 10% normally pays little attention feeling they are out of the running for any of those top slots.  Theresa explains how using these programs to build heroes within the organizations and sharing the details of success stories can help others. She explains how sharing those secrets of top performer success encourages your rank and file salespeople to test out their approaches and emulate the behavior of your elite members. So, while you may not be able to clone your best salespeople in a test tube, you can use your President’s Club program to show everyone in the organization how to succeed. 

To read the full article on Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, click here.

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