6 Proven Steps to Improve Sales Engagement

Companies today are always trying to find innovative ways to improve and increase sales engagement. A sure-fire, proven way to increase results is to utilize sales incentive programs. However, incentive sponsors must be prepared when launching a new program. Simply emailing an announcement is not enough to drive sales participation and achieve your desired results.

Hinda Incentives recently released, “The Sales Incentive Journey”, an eBook designed to help incentive sponsors better understand how they can improve program participant engagement and drive program results. It helps by mapping out the journey sales incentive participants embark upon when presented with a new program.

Sales Incentive Journey Map.jpg

There are six key steps in this journey — awareness, knowledge, consideration, engagement, optimization and advocacy. Getting into participants’ heads as they discover your new program can help create more robust and effective incentive strategies that  meet or exceed sales and margin goals. “The Sales Incentive Journey” details what sales people think as they learn about a program and provides a clean process to generate enthusiastic participants and strengthen ongoing commitment.

Want access to this essential knowledge? View the free webinar at “The Sales Incentive Journey” or register here for your free copy of the eBook.

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