Positive & Negative: The 5 Motivators of Why We Work [Infographic]

There are many reasons why we work. The pursuit of money, passion, power, personal growth — we all have our causes. When we talk about work in the context of employee engagement, we refer to these reasons as motivators, and they’re divided into two categories: positive motivators and negative motivators.

Negative motivators can sometimes lead to productivity and "get results" for certain individuals. The problem is when they aren't balanced with positive motivators. In time, they can lead to employee burnout and disengagement. So a balance is necessary for lasting engagement and authentic job satisfaction.

To illustrate the difference between the two, we’ve made a handy infographic for you to print and share with your community. See below for the infographic, or download in a new window here.

And in case you missed it, read our recent full post on positive and negative motivators here. It’s got some great questions leaders can ask themselves to see whether you’re providing a healthy balance of motivators for your employees within your own organization.

Share with us! Let us know what motivates you in the comments below.

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