Merchandise Monday: Celebrate National Dentist’s Day with Great Teeth!

Today is National Dentist’s Day! Say THANKS to your dentists, and take the opportunity to show your own mouth and teeth some love. In this week’s Merchandise Monday, we’re highlighting products in our awards collection from the top brands in oral care so you can kick up your at-home dental routine.

Sonicare® DiamondClean Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with Charging Glass

Sonicare® does an incredible job with oral care products, and this sonic toothbrush package is no exception. Their patented sonic technology results in 31,000 brush strokes per minute — and diamond-shaped bristles on the brush heads clean away plaque with every stroke. Five cleaning modes and features like the Startimer and Quadpacer make this toothbrush even more of a standout. Includes a sleek charging glass and USB-charging travel case.


Sonicare PowerUP Battery-Operated Toothbrush

The PowerUP toothbrush is an excellent addition to your daily oral care regimen. It helps remove plaque and reduce cavities while improving the health of your gums. The brush head shape looks and moves like a manual toothbrush, so it’s a great entry-level option for those just starting out with a battery-operated toothbrush.


Conair® Interplak® Dental Water Jet

A water jet helps clear our more debris and buildup from your mouth than a toothbrush alone. This pick from Conair® is cordless for travel convenience, and it features color-coded jet tips and an easy-to-fill water reservoir with water level markings.


Conair Rechargeable Plaque Remover

With two brush heads and a color indicator ring, this plaque remover is so simple to use: Just push on and clean away. Recharges in its standup base.


Conair Double-Sided Mirror

Get a better glimpse of those pearly whites when you’re brushing and flossing. This double-sided mirror features a fog-free design and circular lighting, so it’s suitable for morning or night, pre- or post-shower. 

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