Merchandise Monday: Healthy Cooking Products for Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month — have you checked in with your own diet to see how you’re doing? If you need a little help, this week we’re featuring healthy cooking products to help you get on board with healthy eating.

There are so many great options today to help us cook and prepare wholesome, delicious meals, no matter what type of diet you follow or cooking style you prefer. We’re happy to offer a huge assortment of cooking tools in our own awards catalog, and this week we’re featuring healthy cooking products to help you get on board with eating better. From eating more fruits to vegetables to cutting back on excess cooking grease, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out our featured products, and let us know which healthy cooking tools you’re most excited about this season.


OXO® Good Grips® Spiralizer

Leave the pasta behind in your favorite pasta dishes. With the Good Grips® Spiralizer, you can transform fresh zucchini, squash and other vegetables into beautiful — and healthy! — noodles. Choose from three noodle styles: spaghetti-cut, fettuccine-cut or ribbon-cut noodles. The handy, removable blade box stores your equipment when not in use.


T-Fal® ActiFry® Low-Fat Multi-Cooker and Healthy Fryer

This multi-cooker also acts as a no- or low-oil fryer, and you can use it to prepare all kinds of recipes at home — from chili and stew to seafood and stir-fry. With T-Fal®’s technology, the multi-cooker cooks your foods with anywhere from zero to just 2 tablespoons of oil. And it comes with a mini book of recipes to get you started in the kitchen. Bonus: The product is endorsed by Food Network host/author/registered dietician Ellie Krieger!


Handy Gourmet Healthy Cooking Mat

Cook chicken, sausage, fish and more while leaving the cooking grease behind. This nonstick cooking mat keeps food away from grease as it cooks in the microwave or oven, so you can enjoy some of your favorite foods without the extra grease.


Hamilton Beach® Smoothie Smart™ Blender

A smoothie blender is a great kitchen tool for people looking to get more fresh fruits in their diet. This choice from Hamilton Beach® is perfect for making easy, no-fuss smoothies without a lot of equipment or buttons to mess around with. With one-touch functionality and a no-brainer Smoothie button, all you need to do is supply the fruits and ice, and it will take care of the rest.  


KitchenAid® Easy Clean Juicer

If you reach for fresh fruit juice over a thick smoothie, a simple juicer may be the ticket for you. Perfect for making juice from apples, oranges and other fruits, the Easy Clean Juicer can extract juice from soft and hard fruits, and its specialized pulp screen can make low-pulp or high-pulp juices to meet all tastes — and even sauces for fresh applesauce!


Vitamix® 5200 Blender

For the ultimate in blending, nothing compares with a Vitamix®. These professional-grade, heavy-duty blending machines can handle just about every form of food processing you need: blend, chop, pulse, cream, grind, churn and more. It can tackle even the thickest of tasks like making peanut butter, and it offers great convenience features like self-cleaning. It’s a must-have addition for any health aficionado’s kitchen.


Cuisinart® CookFresh™ Digital Glass Steamer


Steaming is an excellent way to enjoy meats, vegetables and more without added cooking oil or sauces, and having a good steamer at home can prove to be a true time saver in your recipes. This digital steamer from Cuisinart® boasts a large 5-liter capacity, so it’s great for steaming family-sized portions. The see-through design lets you see how your food is doing inside, and the programmed settings and LCD control panel make it a cinch to prepare your recipes.


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