What Type of Wireless Keyboard Is Best for You?

According to a 2016 article in Daily Mail, 16 percent of adults currently only use smartphones or tablets to go online. That’s kind of incredible! Can you imagine not being able to utilize regular typing with a regular keyboard, but instead having to swipe and type exclusively on a touchscreen?

Enter wireless keyboards, which help you use your tablet or smartphone more like a “real computer” by being able to type on a real keyboard. There are some different styles of wireless keyboard on the market right now — and, like tablets, they’re getting more sophisticated every day.

What are some of the wireless keyboards out there, and which one might be best for you?

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The standard keyboard and mouse, but wireless

When you want full-function typing capabilities with a bouncy spring in the keys, a numeric keypad and all the buttons in the familiar places, what you want is a full-sized wireless keyboard. Not all on the market will have the full-sized num-pad, but many do. And many come paired with a wireless mouse for additional usability.

Options like the Vivitar® Wireless 2.4Ghz Keyboard & Mouse or the Logitech® Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse use a USB interface to connect to your device, so double check that your current device is equipped with the appropriate ports needed. These two are particularly great choices since they contain “hot keys,” which are buttons they give you instant access to media controls, launching movies or music, or accessing other programs. They’re very handy when you use certain applications regularly that you want quick access to.

Pictured above: Vivitar® Wireless 2.4Ghz Keyboard & Mouse and Logitech® Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse

An ultra-portable, folding design

If you want your keyboard to be just as space-efficient as your device, consider investing in a folding keyboard. Since they’re smaller than the standard keyboard, they often don’t contain the numeric keypad — so they’re ideal for those who prefer compact efficiency over full-sized usability.

The Brookstone® Folding Bluetooth® Keyboard is a great choice that uses Bluetooth technology instead of a USB port, opening it up to other connected devices that might not have the USB port to spare. It’s compatible with iPad®, iPhone®, Samsung® Galaxy S4/S3/Tab, Android™ 3.0 and other Bluetooth HID-compatible devices, making it ideal for those who like to stay connected while on the go, wherever they go.


Pictured above: Brookstone® Folding Bluetooth® Keyboard

A few more things

An extra perk of many wireless keyboards is a water-resistant design, so if you’re concerned about spilling your coffee all over the desk (again!), look for a keyboard that has this option.

Also, bear in mind that different keyboards aren’t compatible with all types of devices (i.e., Android versus Apple®), so check the compatibility with your device when picking something out.

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