Merchandise Monday: Road Trip!

It’s summertime, so pack your bags and the car up — we’re taking a road trip! This week we’re highlighting some great items from our awards collection that are going to be essential to the success of your summer adventure (besides the sunscreen and your personal music library, of course!). Get ready to hit the road!


Fujifilm Instax™ Mini 8 Instant Camera with Film Bundle

You’re going to be snapping photos on the road, capturing shots of all the sites and stops along the way. This revamped vintage instant camera is perfect for all those impromptu pics! With credit-card sized film that fits into purses, wallets and pockets, you’ll be ready to point and shoot in a moment’s notice. And best of all, you’ll get to enjoy the instant gratification of printing and enjoying your photos right away!


Polaroid Full HD Dash Cam with GPS Tracker

When there’s no time to stop the car and snap a photo of that gorgeous landscape, this dash cam does the work for you. It takes video in Full HD so you can capture the most scenic moments of your drive. Or take still photos in case of special events or on-the-spot accidents that may occur. And the included GPS tracker helps you navigate along the way and locate stops that you want to save and revisit later.


i.SOUND® 5-in-1 Travel Sound

Because no road trip is complete without appropriate tunes for the drive! The 5-in-1 Travel Sound contains everything you’ll need to awesome audio on the road — a compact 2X speaker, headphones, earbuds with organizer and an audio splitter. Perfect for listening to your own tunes while with a group in the car, or for those pit stops when you still want to enjoy some music in the hotel, B ‘n’ B or even truck stop picnic table.


Wagan® Companion GO™ Travel USB Charger

Power up your devices while driving! Charge your smartphone, tablet, camera and other devices through the two USB ports. The charger plugs directly into your car’s 12V/24V DC input for fast, convenient charging, and includes an LED power indicator so you know what’s still powering up.


HoMedics® Ortho+Therapy™ Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow

Whether taking a 7-hour or 7-day road trip, your neck is going to feel it before too long without some solid support. This memory foam pillow not provides support for your neck, but also the extreme comfort that only memory form can give. And since it’s thermos-sensitive, it responds to your natural body heat and gets even more fitted to your neck and shoulders.


JBL® Portable Visor Mount Bluetooth® Speaker

Snap this handy speaker onto your car visor and you’re all set for hands-free music, phone calls, and even receiving navigation prompts from apps, all with Bluetooth® connectivity. It supports Siri® and Google Now™ so you can make commands without lifting a finger. And with the included visor mount and microUSB cable, getting it set up and connected is a breeze.

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