Merchandise Monday: Beat the Heat

Yes, we're in the midst of summer, and yes, it is HOT! This week we’re showcasing items from our awards collection made to help you beat the heat. Stay cool out there, and enjoy these dog days of summer in cool comfort!


Lasko® Misto™ Outdoor Misting Fan


Whether you’re enjoying a picnic in the backyard, a swim in the pool or a tailgating party, you can reduce the outdoor ambient temperature by as much as 25 degrees with Misto™. This incredibly handy misting fan attaches to a hose to create a cooling mist that oscillates around your area. It’s weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about hauling it into the garage once you’re done with it for the day.


Picnic Time® Beach Cooler Tote

Sometimes only a cool dip in the ocean or lake can cool you down on the hottest of summer days. When you need to take a day to cool down at the beach, keep your items safely secured — and out of the heat — with this practical tote from Picnic Time®. It contains multiple zippered pockets, plus insulated pockets for drinks so you can stay hydrated while you’re out for a refreshing swim.


Veridian Healthcare™ Nice-N-Cool Gel Mat

For those sleepless nights when you just can’t cool down, this brilliant cooling gel mat from Veridian Healthcare™ will become your favorite home tool. It absorbs body heat naturally, keeping you more comfortable whether in bed or just watching a movie on the couch. Extra perks: It doesn’t need refrigeration or batteries and it’s made with non-toxic materials.


Gpx® USB-Powered 4-Inch Fan

This portable mini fan is perfect for smaller spaces like a work desk, dorm room or small office when you need to cool down but don’t have the room or need for a larger fan. It’s USB powered, so it can plug into any PC, laptop or USB wall adapter — and features like adjustable tilt and quiet operation make it even more convenient for regular use.


Wagan® Bead/Rattan Cool Cover

How uncomfortable is it to sit in a hot car on a hot seat during a hot summer day? Wagan® brings us this great seat cover to keep things cool in the car. The beads stay cool when it’s hot outside, and there’s clever spacing throughout the design to allow for enhanced air circulation.

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