Merchandise Monday: Snow Throwers, Pushers, Shovels & Other Winter Tools

Winter’s first snowfall is pure magic, a white wonderland that makes us feel like we’re living in a snow globe. By the second or third snowfall, it’s a different story. The yard is unwalkable, the driveway covered in ice, the car buried somewhere deep under layers of snow and slush.

This week’s Merchandise Monday showcases snow throwers, pushers, shovels and other winter tools from our awards collection to help you navigate through the snow safely and sanely.


Snow Joe® Ultra 21-Inch 14-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Step aside, snow. You’ve got to go about your day, and that starts with getting snow out of the way. Snow Joe®’s 14-amp snow thrower is one powerful machine to help you get the job done. It throws snow up to 20 feet away in any direction, letting you clear a path just about anywhere you need it. You’ll love additional features like easy-glide wheels, a scraper blade and electric performance for eco-friendlier snow removal.


Snow Joe Edge 2-in-1 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Pusher and Ice Chopper

Shoveling and scraping snow day after day can do a number on your back and shoulders. Make the load a bit more comfortable with this ergonomic choice from Snow Joe — the D-grip handle and lightweight construction help you move about easier, and the tool goes from shovel to ice chopper by sliding out the chopper head, letting you clear out both snow and ice more efficiently.


Snow Joe 21-Foot Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake

One of the last things you want to do in the middle of a snow storm is climb up on a ladder to remove snow from the roof. Snow Joe’s roof rake features a telescoping pole that extends from 6.2 feet to 21 feet, so you can safely remove snow from the ground. It weighs just under 5 pounds so you can carry it without breaking your back, and the poly blade rake head gives you maximum cleaning power.


Snow Joe Snow Broom with Ice Scraper and Telescoping Handle

Snow piled high on the roof of the car. Icicles hanging off the doors and tires. A mini snowbank heaped up on the windshield. Sound familiar? Clear off your snow-capped car with Snow Joe’s Snow Broom: one end is a broom head and the other an ice scraper. The telescoping pole extends from 30 to 49 inches, so you can reach where you need without pulling a muscle. Pack this little tool in your trunk and be ready to scrape and dust off snow anytime.


Conair® Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

Brr. You’ve shoveled the driveway, cleared the walkways and raked the roof. Now you’re freezing! Get your damp clothes dried quickly with this towel warmer and drying rack. Now only does it dry your clothes and winter gear, but perhaps more importantly, it can warm them up for you before you make the trek outside, so you can fight the cold before it even starts.


Celestron® National Park Foundation Rechargeable Power Pack, Hand Warmer & LED Flashlight

Don’t get caught in the cold without this handy little tool in your back pocket. It’s a rechargeable power pack, hand warmer and LED flashlight all in one — essential for winter hiking or recreation outings, but also just plain smart to keep at hand on a daily basis in case your car breaks down, your bus is running late, or you forget your gloves at home. It takes up almost no space to carry, and you’ll be so glad it’s there in case you encounter a situation where you need an extra blast of warmth or light.


FRED Light™ Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk

This emergency LED flare disk is a smart choice to keep in the car during the bitter winter season in case of a roadside emergency like a flat tire or battery failure. With 10 different light modes and 15 LEDs, the flashing light can be seen up to a mile away with 360-degree visibility — plus, it’s magnetic and waterproof and has a load capacity of 1,102 pounds.

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