Merchandise Monday: Cookware & Dinnerware for the Thanksgiving Host

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many of you are probably knee deep in planning mode. From gathering recipes for the turkey and casseroles, to searching for the perfect serving ware, there is a lot to take on as the host! In this week’s Merchandise Monday, we’re showcasing cookware and dinnerware that will become indispensable for every Thanksgiving host and hostess. Happy hosting!  

Le Creuset® 6-Piece Cast Iron Signature Cookware Set

You can’t go wrong cooking with Le Creuset® — the brand is the epitome of long-lasting, high-quality cookware for good reason! This cast-iron set features chip-resistant enamel, large gripping handles and secure lids. You can cook virtually any Thanksgiving recipe with these pieces: sauté, bake, roast, simmer, stew, you name it. This is an investment set that will last through countless delicious holidays over the years.


Maverick® Wi-Fi® Digital Chef BBQ & Roasting Thermometer

A bit nervous about testing for doneness in your holiday turkey or roast? This handy little gadget can help you out. It’s a digital thermometer that uses Wi-Fi® to connect to your Android™ device and an interactive cooking app. From the app, select your desired doneness for the exact meat you are cooking, choose timers and alerts, and even download recipes and share your photos later via social media.


Trudeau Silicone Baker's Set

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without baked treats! From pumpkin bread to corn muffins and all sorts of biscuits and loaves in between, you’re going to want to be equipped with some reliable, long-lasting bakeware to get it all done. This nonstick set from Trudeau lets you pop baked goodies out of the pans with ease, and each piece is also safe to use in the freezer, microwave and oven — giving you flexibility with preparing, baking and storing your holiday treats.


Wüsthof Classic 20-Piece Cutlery Block Set

The Wüsthof name needs no introduction, and this hosting-ready cutlery set gives you just about every knife tool you’ll need to prepare, serve and enjoy your Thanksgiving feast. The 20-piece set includes several cook’s knives like the 7” Santoku knife, 6” cleaver and 8” cook’s knife, along with a 6” straight meat fork and eight steak knives for service, and more tools to help you slice, dice and chop.


Corelle® Livingware™ Winter Frost White 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

White plates are said to be the best way to show off a prepared dish. The clean, non-distracting color lets the textures and colors of a meal really take the spotlight. For Thanksgiving, let your meals take the spotlight with the Winter Frost collection from Corelle®. The pieces are safe for the dishwasher, fridge, microwave and preheated oven, and they're also stackable and chip resistant. The 16-piece set includes dinnerware for four, each including one large plate, one small plate, one bowl and one mug.


Omaha Steaks® 10-Pound Oven-Ready Turkey

If you’re just not ready to do the whole roasted turkey thing from scratch, don’t fret. Omaha Steaks® has a 10-pound turkey that’s ready for the oven and comes to you already basted in a honey-brown sugar blend. All you have to do is place the turkey and included cooking bag in the oven, and let the Thanksgiving magic happen.

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