Hinda Goes Global: Part II

Currently, only about 47 percent of American companies are operating incentive programs outside of the US, despite the rising interest in these programs from countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, whose growing middle class populations are eager to participate in loyalty programs.

Recently, we introduced to you our newly launched global incentives program, infinitE℠ Global. We told you a bit about how the new program came about and the increasing need to provide incentive options on a global scale through distribution at the local level.  Now, we’d like to share with you a simple outline of the processes we have in place for providing incentive programs to a global market.

Two great features about infinitE Global are the flexibility to provide multiple types of incentive and recognition programs to different audiences in over 50 international markets and offering awards that are culturally and financially relevant to each participant.

As it stands, we are able to offer two methods for accessing infinitE Global – our Web Services Solution and our innergE® Solution. With Web Services, clients gain full access to infinitE Global through a three- to six-week implementation process, depending on specific client requirements.*

With our innergE Solution, clients gain full access to infinitE Global as well as all the tools on innergE, including digital. We will also provide our clients’ websites to them in their own language (for an extra fee and depending on translation requirements). With this option, implementation is estimated to be completed within eight to 12 weeks, depending on requirements and translation needs.*

All international vendors that Hinda works with are held to specific service level standards for prompt award delivery. With the exception of out-of-stock or discontinued items, infinitE Global products ship within two to four business days of order receipt.

The pool of international companies that would benefit from a recognition program is large and growing. Some of the multi-national marketplaces Hinda is able to serve include hotels, banks, car rental, software and energy companies. The fact that we can provide consolidated technology and seamless implementation in the user’s native language are added benefits to our clients and their participants.

We at Hinda are thrilled to be able to offer our unique technology and customer care services to a global marketplace. Stay tuned for the third installment of this blog series, where we’ll discuss marketing our new product to a wide and diverse audience.


*Contact Hinda for specific information and fees.