Hinda Goes Global: Part I

“Our industry can no longer think globally only in terms of the places we send people and the products we carry. We must now think globally in terms of complete business opportunities…” This quote comes from the Incentive Research Foundation’s (IRF) 2012 survey “Incentive Industry Trends.” The results of this survey found that, by the year 2015, more than 50 percent of Brazilians, Indians and Chinese will be considered “middle income” consumers.

Furthermore, in January 2011, Google searches on “employee engagement” were 10 times higher in India than in the US, five times higher in Singapore and four times higher in South Africa. India is now ranked third in searches for “employee recognition” – just behind the US and Philippines, and is just behind the US in searches for “sales incentives.” This shows immense promise for incentives services overseas.

Here at Hinda, we’ve introduced infinitE℠ Global, our online awards assortment for the international market. Loyalty trends show that the growing middle class populations in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are eager for opportunities to participate in loyalty programs. However, at this juncture, only about 20 percent of foreign-owned businesses have their own programs. We see this as a great opportunity to start diving into some of these markets with infinitE Global.

The crux of our program is having the flexibility to provide multiple types of incentive and recognition programs to multiple audiences. We’re offering in-country global award solutions to more than 50 markets and providing awards that are culturally and financially relevant for each participant. Coinciding with this, we are offering technology and services that consolidate global programs and reduce the administrative burden on these global companies.

We have over 46,000 merchandise items and 1,300 different brands on offer in our global catalogs, including big names such as Gucci®, Nintendo®, Microsoft®, Wilson®, Apple®, Samsonite®, Black & Decker® and Dyson®. Stay tuned for our next post in this series, where we’ll discuss our customer service standards and processes, accessing infinitE Global and our plan for marketing our new product – besides this blog series, of course!