Merchandise Monday: Your Monthly Check-Up

We’d like to introduce you to a new column that we will start running on HindaBlog every month. It’s called “Your Monthly Check-Up” and focuses on wellness merchandise and incentives. We’ve decided to merge the first installment of “Your Monthly Check-Up” with this week’s “Merchandise Monday” because we want to feature two great new wellness products.

Companies are beginning to include more wellness products and features into their incentive programs, and employees are cashing in. Items such as workout equipment, scales, health monitors and benefits like healthy lunches and gym memberships are all of increasing interest to employees. Some companies are offering their employees opportunities to track their fitness progress and compete with their colleagues for prizes and other forms of wellness recognition.

Along these lines, Hinda has added two health monitoring systems from iHealth™ to its assortment in April. These systems make it easy and fun to track your progress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

iHealth Digital Scale

Easily record your daily weight measurements on your mobile device with a wireless Bluetooth® connection, even when you're on the go. Simple and personalized graph tools help manage and track your progress over time and even set target goals using the Milestone feature. The iHealth Digital Scale app, free at the App Store, makes it easy to organize your personal data and securely share it by e-mail with healthcare providers. And the iHealth Digital Scale supports multiple users on multiple mobile devices so family members can share. Now you have no excuses not to start living a healthy lifestyle.

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor

Get clinically accurate systolic, diastolic and pulse readings and automatically store the data on your iPod®, iPhone® or iPad®. The iHealth App, free at the App Store, creates measurement comparison charts and graphs and can e-mail results or history from the application. Other features include fully automatic cuff inflation and deflation, one-button blood pressure readings, average calculator, hypertension indicator, irregular heartbeat detection and multiple view result history. Take control of your health with this easy to use system.

Many people are using various forms of technology and social media applications to track their wellness progress or fitness goals. Does your company motivate its employees to lead healthy lifestyles? Would you take advantage of a wellness incentive program if it was offered? Burn some calories by leaving us a comment below, and stay tuned for the next edition of “Your Monthly Check-Up” in May!