Merchandise Monday: Introducing the Top Redeemers of 2011

The top merchandise reward redeemers for 2011 fall almost exclusively into the electronic entertainment category. Surprised? Neither are we. The rise in popularity of e-readers and tablet computers, as well as new updates and versions of familiar gaming consoles, video players and music devices, have created such a demand that our top redeemers list might as well just say “Cool Electronic Toys.”

But that would make for quite a short blog post, so let us discuss further. According to our calculations, the top redeemers of 2011 are as follows:

Blu-ray™ Players:  Sony®, Panasonic® and Samsung®

Tablet Computers:  Apple® (iPad®), Samsung® (Galaxy Tab™), Coby® (Kyros™) and Sony (Tablet™)

iPod® Audio Docking Systems

Single-Cup Coffee Makers:  Keurig®, Black & Decker®, Hamilton Beach®, Cuisinart®

Gaming Software:  Wii™, Xbox® and PlayStation®

Portable DVD Players:  Coby, Audiovox™, Sony, Panasonic

e-Readers:  Amazon Kindle™, Sony

Bose® Headphones

Garmin® GPS Systems

Clearly, people enjoy their entertainment systems, whether it’s video games, movies or music that they prefer. Not only this, but they like to be entertained on the go (who doesn’t?). And they want to make sure they know where they’re going and that they’re caffeinated when they get there.

It will be interesting to follow 2012’s trends and see what this list looks like a year from now. What crazy technological advancements will occur over the next 12 months (because you know there will be some)? What are people already anxious to get their hands on? Is this the year the flying car will finally come to fruition (fingers crossed!) and will it be available for redemption?

We’re going to keep our radar tuned on the trends, so stay tuned to Hinda’s blog for updates!