Motivation Across the Nations

Hinda’s own Marlene Johnson was interviewed recently for the article “Motivation Overseas” in the January/February issue of Premiere Incentive Products (PIP). Writer Deborah L. Vence talks with Johnson and two other industry experts about the implications of offering your company’s recognition programs at its non-US-based branches. The most important factors to consider here are technology and cultural awareness.

“The most efficient way to operate a global incentive program with a technology platform that translates globally, but is personalized at the local level,” Johnson explains. “By that I mean the platform is offered in the local language, supported by local currencies [and] awards are locally relevant and distributed at the local level.”

The article states that some of the best practices to use when establishing a global incentive program include developing a clearly defined, concise strategy for global recognition, offering opportunities for employees at all levels to be able to participate, and listening to what your employees need and want, perhaps inviting them to join in on the strategizing discussion.

With regard to the reward itself, the article states that one of the biggest challenges includes consideration of language, geography and cultural differences. Also, be sure that the reward is structured into your company’s long-term program of recognition and isn’t just a one-time opportunity.

One of the most important things to remember during the process of developing your global program is the cultural and/or ethnic implications that will surely come into play. “There are considerations to be taken in every corner of the world,” Johnson says. “Some award choices may not be appropriate for certain marketplaces, etc. Understanding those nuances is critical for the successful deployment and continued success of a global incentive program.”

Additionally, different cultures respond to recognition differently, according to the article. Language can be an issue, as most employees would want to receive recognition in their own language. Making sure that each employee understands the parameters of the program and choosing the most appropriate award choices are two important considerations that need to be taken within your global recognition program.

The bottom line is that global recognition should be fun and engaging for employees at every level of your company, and should be integrated into your company’s overall culture of recognition. Being aware and sensitive to technological differences and cultural/ethnic values and protocol is essential and should not be a roadblock for your successful program implementation. Your strategizing sessions are also a great opportunity to learn a bit more about the important people in your company and their values and lifestyles!