Merch Monday: Impressive Beverage Holders

Last week, we discussed ways to pump up your porch with decorative wireless outdoor speakers. This week, we're expanding on summer entertaining essentials and focusing on beverage holders. Rid your patio of unattractive coolers and upgrade to the newest pitchers and party tubs from Prodyne®.

When it's warm out, nothing can satisfy your thirst like an ice cold beverage. To ensure that your drink of choice stays crisp and cool on a hot summer day, take advantage of the Iced Fruit Infusion™ combo pitcher or the Iceberg™ party tub. These new beverage holders not only keep your beverages at the proper temperature, they also add a touch of style to your table or patio. 

The Iced Fruit Infusion™ combo pitcher from Prodyne® is the perfect way to enjoy refreshing lemon water, raspberry iced tea and more. Simply place cut lemons, berries, limes, mint, etc. into the removable fruit infusion rod and slide it down into the pitcher. Open slots in the rod allow for it to mix naturally with the liquid - giving your beverage a wonderful flavor. For time spent outdoors, attach the removable freezer ice tube to keep pre-chilled beverages cold for hours without ice cube dilution.

Your guests will be impressed with the Iceberg™ party tub. It's stylish angular design holds up to eight bottles of wine and plenty of beer and soda. It features easy-carry, cut out handles and leaves plenty of room for ice.

With the addition of these to your summertime gatherings, your guests will leave impressed! Are there any other products that are great for outdoor entertaining? Leave a suggestion in the comments box. We just might feature it in a future Merch Monday blog post!