Merch Monday: Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Start the grill, call the neighbors and prepare your porch for the summer season. If you're looking to make your outdoor living space the best on the block, we've got the perfect products for you. Place a few wireless outdoor speakers on your porch to pump up the jam during your dinner gatherings. If parties aren't your thing, turn the volume down and let your wireless outdoor speakers entertain you while you relax and enjoy the beauties of the great outdoors.

The new lineup from Audiovox® Acoustic Research® seems impressive. Designed to seemlessly blend with any decor, they also boast an abundance of convenient features.

The black wireless indoor/outdoor speaker easily delivers crystal-clear audio content up to 150 feet from your stereo, computer or MP3 player. If you're looking for a dimensional sound experience, you can add multiple speakers using a single transmitter. The portable design allows speakers to conveniently hang or stand with easy wireless installation. Featuring a 40Hz-15kHz frequency response with a 2" tweeter, 3" woofer and 5W RMS.

If you're looking for a multifunctional outdoor audio device, look no further than the wireless speaker with built-in planter. The planter separates from the speaker so you can pot your favorite plant. Plus, it features the proper drainage so that you can water your plant without interfering with the speaker. The speaker receives crystal-clear reception up to 150 feet away. It features a 40Hz-15kHz frequency response, 900MHz transmission and a single 5" down-firing driver for omni-directional sound.

Hopefully, with the help of these convenient audio devices, your summer gatherings will be a little more hip.

Are there any other products that are great for outdoor living? Anything that will help vamp up the popularity of your porch? Leave a suggestion in the comments box. We just might feature it in a future Merch Monday blog post!