Employee Spotlight: Stacy Woodhead

Perfectionist. Outgoing. Determined.

Attention to detail is a must for Stacy Woodhead. As Senior Program Manager, she is the main contact for one of our largest clients and responsible for uploading merchandise to the site, running promotions and generating new ideas for the site. In order to manage their site, she works with merchandise, pricing, billing and trade shows.

Woodhead started at Hinda as a Program Manager in February 2007. Prior to joining the team, she worked in real estate and was introduced to Hinda through a mentor who knew the company well. She spent two years working for a client in St. Louis before moving back home to Chicago, where she later became Senior Program Manager in October 2010.

As for the move back home to Chicago, Woodhead admits it’s one of her fondest memories.

“When I come to work here, I feel like I’m working with family and close friends,” says Woodhead. “I’m not just another number.”

Outside of work, she enjoys coaching kindergarten soccer, swimming and hanging out with friends. She’s currently training for a 5K and planning her wedding, which will take place in September. As for which of those is the bigger undertaking, she doesn’t hesitate to say that planning a wedding is like a second job. It’s clear that she has her hands full, but she also has a lot of excitement to look forward to.