Shipping Just Got Easier For LCDs

Typically here on Merchandise Monday we talk about a new product that will fit into an awards collection for your recognition or loyalty program. This week is a bit different. We discussed last week how LCD TVs were on the rise. That's great news but how are you going to get an LCD to the recipient's house in a cheap way? Most larger TVs require a costly white glave service. That's where we saw a need for change.

To accomodate our customers shipping needs better, Hinda is now shipping all TVs 40" and below via FedEx Home Delivery. Why make this change?

Prior to this change in delivery service, most TVs had a "white glove" delivery service standard with the order. As TVs were a high priced commodity and typically larger product items, this service lined up well with Hinda's "Best in Class" fulfillment practices. Over time, not only did the price points of these commodities drop but the size and bulk of TVs decreased as well, making delivery not as cumbersome as it had been in the past. Being that the white glove service costs were reaching close to 50% of the actual TV cost, Hinda Merchandiser Rick Bowen decided that there had to be a better option.

We asked FedEx to come in and evaluate a packaging option to ship 40" TVs via their Home Delivery service. Tests were made on different packing solutions to find a solution that would be approved to run through their system. Now after three months of providing this option, we have found it to be a seamless service. The new shipping option for TVs using FedEx Home Delivery includes options such as:

  • Scheduling a delivery appointment as needed
  • Signature upon delivery
  • Full tracking
  • Replacements and credits for any potential damages.

This experience has exceeded our previous "white glove" service option. In the last three months this option has been available, we have had no reports of damaged shipments, costs for the customer have decreased and we have maintained our "Best in Class" service. Based on the success of this initiative, we are currently looking into other commodities that could fit this example and deliver more value to our customers.