Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Looking at the calendar I realized that as of last week, our blog over at Hinda Incentives has hit it's one year mark of existence. Wow how time has flown! So what have we been talking about over the past year? Here is a short list of some of our "Best of" posts that garnered a lot of attention (and some of our personal favorites too). All the titles listed are links to the actual articles.


Recognition: An Extension of Human Behavior

Examining how the idea of recognition isn't a foregin concept. It's simply an extension of human behaviors that have been in existence long before your recognition program did.

Incentives Aren't an Expense, They're an Investment

Many companies look at incentive programs as merely an expense. But wouldn't spending money on employee enrichment be more of an investment? We discuss that here.

Do The Safety Dance. Start With Prevention

Safety incentives are typically a touchy subject for many people. After all, the running gag is that the person who accepts a safety award typically accepts the trophy wearing a cast. Couldn't safety incentives worked if you focused on prevention and not results? Plus, this post has the music video to Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance." Why wouldn't you look at this post?

Social Media and Employee Recognition Programs: A Perfect Match

Social media is growing rapidly and finding its way into many niches of business. Incorporating it with employee recognition programs only seems logical...right? Lot's of discussion here to check out.

Tight Budgets Now? Plan Recogntion for the Future

With many company budgets hurt by the recession, it's not feasible to invest in a recognition program for employees. However, when the economy revives, shouldn't you have a plan in place for when you are able to invest?

10 Myths?

An article on the American Express OPEN forum talks about a supposed "10 Myths" of the incentives industry. We post our response to that invalid inquiry here (with accompaniment by Paul Hebert).

Trophy Value Continuum

Why do we believe so heavily in noncash over cash? Simple. The trophy value. Find out more behind that theory in this post.

What are some of your favorite posts on the Hinda blog?