Sports Watches: Rewards That Inspire Wellness

In the past we've reported before how some incentive rewards will help influence wellness in the workplace without carrying the label of a "wellness incentive." However, what are some of these reward items that accomplish this?

Incentive Magazine recently wrote up a piece recently talking about the Suunto M-Series Heart Rate Monitors. These series of watches are devices that indicate to users vital heart rate information that aids physical training, no matter how active. The device, the size of and worn like a normal wristwatch, gives users the ability to gather information to know when to train, how hard to train and how long to train, based on heart rate stats and calories burned. Suunto has also set up a website where people can upload their workout data and share training tips with other M-Series watch owners.

Suunto isn't the only player in the game though. Who else is out there?

Not soley pegged into the "Where in the world am I?" GPS market, Garmin is also a heavy hitter in fitness watches. Their Forerunner 305 GPS sportwatch does just about everything under the sun. Geared more towards walkers, runner and bikers, this device not only has a heart rate monitoring component but also gauges distance covered, pace per mile, calories burned, and total time worked out. The watch also comes with a computer program that users can load their workouts into keeping a detailed log of exercise. The program also shows detailed ariel maps of where one travels over the course of their workout.

Devices like the Forerunner 305 and Suunto's new heart rate monitor provide rewards that make exercise more interactive and fun. What other rewards out there are being used to promote wellness?