Incremental Rewards: Modifying Behavior With Scratch & Win

Safety incentive programs are more effective when the focus is more on modifying and influencing behavior than simply rewarding results. Instead of using large awards that only one person has an opportunity to win, smaller rewards that recognize random acts of safety tend to have a stronger positive effect. If a manager sees one of their workers doing something right in the name of safety, how could they reward that effort on the spot?

Our answer: Safety Scratch & Win cards.

A manager would have a stack of these available to him at all times. When the manager sees one of his workers exhibiting safe work practices, he is able to reward that worker on the spot with a card.

How do these cards work?

The Safety Scratch & Win Cards are a supplement to our innergE® points-based rewards system. Each set of Scratch & Win cards is assigned a range of point values that you determine. When the award recipient receives the card, they scratch off the hidden area to reveal a code. The recipient then logs in to their account on your innergE website, enters the code and finds out how many points they've been awarded. The points are immediately deposited into his account. Using the catalog on the site, the participant can redeem those points immediately for a smaller award or bank them to save up for a much bigger reward later.

The more random acts of safety a worker engages in, the more chance there is to be awarded a Safety Scratch & Win Card. The more Scratch & Win Cards collected, the more points that worker can bank for a bigger incentive. This method proves to help prevention and effectively foster a culture of safety.