Stainless Steel and the Rise of the Deep Fryer


The rougher economic patch has effected everything, including how consumers are choosing to dine. Due to tighter budgets and people looking for extra ways to save, households are opting to cook at home more often. It's not great news for the restaurant industry but it bodes well for home kitchen products. As far as products popularity is concerned, like many other years, stainless steel utensils are highly favored among consumers. In most cases its popularity is attributed to the sleek look. However, according to some industry experts, the decreasing prices in raw materials could be lowering prices and influencing consumer confidence.


  What may be the biggest suprise in popular kitchen items is the deep fryer. Despite the typical consumer trend to seek out healthier eating options, this category of products has seen a steady increase in sales over the last year. This is attributed to general improvements to the design of recent deep fryers. These modifications have made it faster, cleaner and just plain easier to achieve desired results in fried cuisine at home. No matter what the health trend may be, Americans will always love their fried foods.