The New Follow, Courtesy of LinkedIn

As of yesterday morning, LinkedIn rolled out a new way of company-to-user interaction. In the same manner that you can follow a company on Twitter or be a "Fan" (or "Like" or whatever these kids are calling it now) you can now "Follow" a company on LinkedIn. To learn more about how to follow a company and why, check out LinkedIn's post here.

The great thing about this new addition to LinkedIn is that it gives a Facebook-like fan concept but applies it to a more B2B friendly setting. I've spoken with several people in the industry and it seems to be a general consensus that there isn't too much B2B utility with Facebook. However, the LinkedIn follow provides the same kind of interaction but directed towards a more appropriate audience.

Yes, this could improve employee engagement as well.

An overwhelming majority of workers in the corporate world are LinkedIn users. However, most only use the site when they are unemployed. Nobody actually checks up on their own company page to see what's new. For a smaller company with few employees, this may not be an issue. However, for a larger corporation with hundreds or thousands of employees, communication on job postings, new hires, or company news could prove difficult. Providing that your employee follows your company, they would receive updates from LinkedIn on what's new at your company. The more communication to your workers on what's going on in the company, the more that could influence engagement. 

Of course you don't have to follow your own company. One could follow other companies of interest just to keep up with what's going on outside the walls of your office.

When it comes to Hinda, we keep many people abreast of what's going on with us and our industry through our many Twitter followers and rapidly increasing number of blog readers. Many of our blog readers are not active Twitter users so how else can they keep up? Following Hinda on LinkedIn. Though many readers aren't on Twitter, an overwhelming majority access LinkedIn. The LinkedIn follow would give a one-stop-shop for Hinda company updates.

Are you following us on LinkedIn?