The 3D Revolution: Merch Monday

Earlier in the year following the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, we briefly touched on 3D Televisions and how they would see useage in the future. The future is here and so far, we've been right.

The adoption of 3D technology has been very dependent on the amount of content available for that medium. Even though ESPN has broadcast some sporting events along with a handful of other cable channels, functionality for everyday 3DTV viewing still hasn't completely come to surface yet. As predicted in our previous CES post, the heaviest applications are being seen in the film and video game arenas. Several 3D films have been released on DVD and Blu-ray titles such as Monsters vs Aliens, Toy Story 3 among others. In regards to expansion of useage in the 3D world, the film industry will help push a lot of that adoption.

Gaming, like film, will help further push 3D technology along - if not more so.

Recently released gaming systems like Playstation's Move and Xbox 360's Kinect are bringing several elements to the table. In response to Wii's success, both gaming systems feature high-tech motion sensing elements to their gameplay, adding more than just thumbs to the gaming experience. In addition, many new game titles are being released with 3D capabilites, making already realistic game experiences come to life that much more.

So what's the barrier to 3D technology? Price.

Being that its relatively new, the price points on 3D televisions are still relatively high. Along with the high price of TVs there's also the additional cost of the viewing glasses (not cheap) costing around over $100 a pair. It'll take the development of technology giving the users the ability to enjoy the 3D experience without the aid of glasses.

That concept may not be too far away. Nintendo's new DS handheld system is designed for a glasses-free 3D gaming experience. The screen is on a much smaller scale than a television obviously. However, if that technology is already starting to make a small appearance, it could mean that application on a larger scale could be around the corner.

What do you all think? Will 3D technology be part of popular gift selections this holiday season?´╗┐