Socially Responsible Noncash Rewards: Merch Monday

Merchandise Monday is typically posted on things you find around the home. We've talked iPods, TVs, vacuums, and even air cleaners. Some of your more typical merchandise incentives that could be used to motivate your workplace. However, what if your employees knew their rewards also contributed to making someone else's life better?

That's where Helping Hand Rewards comes in.

Washer BowlYou've probably heard about HHR through their blog, an Incentive Magazine or even from stopping by one of their booths at a trade show. If you aren't aware of what they do here it is in a nutshell: Helping Hand Rewards partners with several different social enterprise groups and uses their products in recognition and reward product assortments. For many of these social enterprises, the revenues generated from products sold help them re-invest more money into creating more opportunities and aid for those in need.

The products aren't just unique because of the causes they support. They're actually great products! Take a washer bowl from an HHR Artisans group. This bowl is created from finding recycled washers on workroom floors in India. The washers are individually welded together to create a beautiful bowl. Other products have similar fascinating Bright Endeavors Candlesattributes. For instance, a line Bright Endeavors candles are made from a water soluable soy-wax cased in recycled wine and beer bottles. Not only do the profits of those candles help their organization, the product is earth-friendly (like many of the other HHR products too).

There are far more stories behind all of the HHR partners and their products. All of them worth time checking out. If you're at the Motivation Show this year, stop by and learn more about the organizations at Booth #4503.

Continuing on this week, our blog posts will continue to focus on corporate social responsibility and how it can relate to our industry of employee recognition, rewards and loyalty. Stay tuned this week!