Dyson's Urban-Friendly Device: Merch Monday

It's hard to make mostly routine household items sexy but history proves that Dyson has a knack for accomplishing that feat. They've made noise with what is essentially a blade-less oscillating fan and their "Airblades" provide one of the faster hand drying experiences in modern public rest areas.

Dyson's real talent is found in vacuums. Their new DC26 Multi-floor Vacuum is proof positive of that innovative skill. 

Also known as the Dyson City, this vacuum minaturizes floor cleaning. For those of us who live in large metropolitan areas, space is often an issue and storing a vacuum is a simple task that quickly becomes a burden. It's small size (able to fit on a sheet of paper) makes storage in small urban living spaces a non-issue and works on multiple floor surfaces.

Can a vacuum this small still suck? The Dyson City comes with the same Root Cyclone technology that is found in its older brother vacuums - technology that allows the device to never lose suction. According to a recent Mashable article, some of the other features included in Dyson's new gadget are standards like a quick-release bag-less canister and exhaust filtration and a futuristic look that give it a great aesthetic appeal.

Household items are quickly rising redemption products in our current industry. Will the Dyson City see the same traction when it finally hits the US market?