The LCD Price Dip: Merch Monday

According to a recent CNN report, an oversupply of LCD TV panels is resulting in a drop in television prices. Seeing how the holiday season is just around the corner, this couldn't come at a better time! Prices are roughly 5% lower than they were this time last year and aren't expected to stop there. Researchers are predicting prices to bottom out around 12% lower than they were at 2009's lowest price points.

Should we really be surprised?

Electronic products go through different price cycles and LCD TVs aren't any different. As production increases and quanitities become more and more abundant, prices almost always drop. The technologies and materials for LCDs are becoming cheaper and more efficient, helping aid the price drop. With 3D televisions coming around the corner at their higher price points, regular flat panel pricing should absolutely be taking this dive. 

Will dropping prices increase the popularity of LCD TVs during the holiday season? What do you think?