Golden Carrot Award



 Every year at the Motivation Show, Hinda honors supplier partners with its Golden Carrot Award. This recognizes those partner suppliers for consistently demonstrating dedication to the field of incentives. Selection for the Golden Carrot is highly competitive, with an extensive list of criteria for winning suppliers. Criteria includes elements such as innovation, high quality products, timeliness of deliveries, prompt follow-up, the ability to provide updated product information, and reliability (just to name a few).

This year Apple and Sharp Electronics took home the Golden Carrot by demonstrating commitment to providing innovation, service and cutting-edge products to the incentives market.

Sharp Electronics, according to Hinda assistant merchandise manager Rick Bowen, has prospered with Hinda and has continued to gradually grow business. "In the last four years we've stepped up our focus and went aggressively after the premium market," said Jim Evans of Sharp Electronics. " working with Hinda's buyer and upper management, we've doubled our business four years in a row, even during this rough patch in the economy."

Apple is a recent addition to the incentive market and has proven to be a huge boost to the industry. "Not only is the MP3 a top redeeming category, Apple iPods are top products in that category" said Dave Peer, VP of Client Services here at Hinda. "...with all the demands for these products, Apple maintains a regular flow of products to Hinda, offering up the highest level of service with no back orders...They have been a true partner with Hinda."