Canon Taps Into Wi-Fi Printing: Merch Monday


Hooking up computers with cables to print is so 2005.

Wireless printing has become a popular (and necessary) trend for home printers for the past year. Many devices now are including less and less port hookups and require more dependence on Wi-Fi networks to do almost any task, including printing. Right now, Canon is ahead of the curve in regards to printing.

Canon's PIXMA MX870 printer is a prime example of what can be done with wireless printer technology. This new device allows users to print from anywhere in there home at any time. What makes this printer even cooler? It even allows you to print straight from your iPad, iPhone or even iPod Touch with the Easy-PhotoPrint  App. Not shabby.

Regarding printing specs Canon doesn't disappoint. The PIXMA prints double-sided jobs without having to manaully flip the paper yourself, has 9600x2400 maximum resolution and has a 35-sheet Auto Document Feeder to make scanning that much faster. Newer Canon printers will include Intelligent Touch technology that allows users to only see buttons associated with the function they need.

There's a lot of fun technology coming down the road with printers. What other type  of printers are coming down the pike?

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