The New LinkedIn Share Button

You may or may not have noticed a new additional button below the normal tweet button. As of this past week, LinkedIn (finally) released a share button for its users to share professional content from the web (white papers, trade articles, presentations) with their business connections.

Though we do have a very active Twitter presence, the majority of our blog subscribers aren't heavy Twitter users. However, almost all of them are on LinkedIn. What else would you expect from a B2B audience?

The new feature should help build upon the rapidly growing social graph of the B2B world. Staying on top of industry trends is a priority of any serious business person. Several top sites like Bloomberg and the Huffington Post are already integrating this new feature. Want to have your own sharing option? Just click here and copy and paste the code provided.

If sharing isn't your thing, then there's always our free weekly roundup. Are you on board?


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