Relax with Panasonic's Massage Chair

Frankie Goes To Hollywood had some good advice when they told us to "Relax" in 1984. Panasonic's Urban Collection Massage Chair helps us do that even better.

A more high-end, higher-point reward option, the Urban Collection Massage Chair offers four pre-set programs with eight additional manual modes that result in a combination of 44 different types of massage experiences. One mode in particular, the "Chiro Mode," which is specially designed to provide better muscle relaxation and eliminate tired, over-worked muscles.

The EP1285 model features a 14 airbag cirulation system that provides a more complete lower body massage. An adjustable ottoman is included in the chair that also fails to neglect the importance of a good old-fashioned calf and shin massage. While massaging the legs, the ottoman raises and lowers your legs in 20 degree increments to alleviate the stiffness in your lower back, hips and thighs.

Stress is a common thing in a work environment. Taking care of yourself, even with a quick 15 sitting time in a Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair, can do wonders for your health. Releasing tension in over-worked muscles while also helping alleviate stress can help yourself (or any worker for that matter) be more productive and efficient for the next working day.


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