UPDATE: B2B Twitter of the Year Awards


A few weeks ago, we posted about how we had been nominated for a B2B Twitterer of the Year in the National/International B2B Services category.

Thanks to your support, we ended up second place in the voting round, helping us become a finalist for the award! At this point, our fate is left to the hands of a judging panel who will review the finalists and declare a winner from there. The votes and support we received from YOU, our online friends, has helped put us in contention.We'll find out the final result come February.

Click here to see the full list of finalists in each B2B Category. We'll keep you posted on how things turn out.

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B2B Twitter of the Year....


We typically don't like to ask for favors but if you are a fan and/or Twitter follower, this may be a way to spread some Christmas cheer our way. 

Our Twitter handle, @hinda_incentive, has been entered into the B2B Twitter of the Year contest as a nominee for Best National/International B2B Service. Twitter isn't about contests or who is best but who says we can't have a little fun with it while we're here? Our ranking is currently in 5th place in regards to votes and we aren't too far outside of the small few brands ahead of us. 

How You Can Help

Take a visit to www.b2btoty.com or simply click here to visit our nomination page. In the top right box, complete the reason for your nomination ("I vote for @hinda_incentive for the B2BTOTY Award in category #NatlIntlB2BServicesCo because...") and hit vote. Be sure you vote in the "Natl/Intl B2B Services Co" category while you're in there. We also have a nomination in the manufacturing category but I'm not sure how (since we aren't a manfacturer). 

You can only vote once per day but can vote everyday between now and Friday December 17th. Votes aren't the end game of the results though, only a factor. The voting element of the contest is only a portion of how the winner is determined. A panel of judges will decide who will be the ultimate winner based on tweet quality etc. So the burden still lies mostly on our end but your support will definitely help big time!

While You're There...

There are many other categories with awesome people up for votes. Take a moment to surf around the site and vote for users in other categories. If you want to spread the love our way, might as well help a few others out while you're there. 

Thanks in advance for your support! This is all for fun but let's see what happens...

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