What's With The Carrot?

The age-old carrot and stick idiom refers to the use of rewards to influence behavior.

The original metaphor referred to a boy sitting on a cart being pulled by a donkey. The boy held a long stick to which a carrot had been tied, and he dangled the carrot in front of the donkey, but just out of its reach. As the donkey moved forward to get the carrot, it pulled the cart forward.

Here at Hinda, we've adopted the carrot as part of our branding strategy. While today's workforce might not be motivated by a dangling carrot, the message is the same. We're motivated by rewards. The carrot is simply a representation of a desired reward - one that is earned after an achievement.

When rewarding your employees, we suggest merchandise instead of raw carrots. Do you have an incentive plan in place? Contact us if you're looking for a way to motivate those with an influence on your business.

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