Ergonomic Knives? Merchandise Monday

 A knife is a knife is a knife right? The only thing separating knives is the quality and sharpness of the blade.

Dexter Russel would disagree. They've come to embrace the merger of ergonomics and cutlery with their new DuoGlide knife collection.

The newly released knife collection was developed with consultation from ergonomics professionals and chefs alike. According to the company, these knives create a unique cutting experience. The knife handle and the geometry of the knife itself requires less strength on the users part to cut than with traditional cutlery, easing fatigue when using.

Want more proof? The new knives are approved by the Arthritis Foundation. After personal testing by the foundation, they awarded the DuoGlide with the Ease-of-Use Commendation. The President of Dexter Russel commented on how millions of Americans suffer from arthritis, stemming the research and innovation of a product like this one. He says that "pain should not stop anyone from enjoying cooking and that is what DuoGlide is all about."

According to an article in the August edition of Homeworld Business, the DuoGlide is "designed to position the hand directly over the food, reportedly giving the user more control during cutting while expending less effort. The handles have been created with a soft touch grip intended to accomodate multiple hand positions and provide a custom, comfortable grip."

Ergonomic knives. Who would've thunk it?

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Kids In The Kitchen: Merchandise Monday

Spawned by the First Lady's new front against child obesity and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, retailers, marketers and activists alike are all trying to get more kids involved in the kitchen. According to an article in Homeworld Business, Steve White (VP of Sales and marketing for Kuhn Rikon) states "We think that getting kids started in the kitchen will be a major improvement to the health of the younger generation."
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